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Year 5

Designing and making bags for Sheba from ‘The Peculiars’ – our class book


In Year 5, the children have been applying the skills they have learnt (whilst making poppies out of felt) to their bag designs. They have become much more confident with threading needles, tying knots and sewing a variety of stitches. The children added buttons and button holes to their designs and many added embellishments; some even made their own embellishments. What was particularly impressive, was the way in which they helped one another, demonstrating great teamwork skills! Their finished products were particularly eye-catching and very functional. They should be very proud of their completed designs.

Road Safety Walk


Our road safety walk consisted of a traffic survey where children filled in a traffic tally chart of the different types of vehicles on the local roads. Lisa Clissold from Thurrock Borough Council also did a speed test which amazed the children as it showed far too many drivers not adhering to the 30 mph speed limit.

In Year 5, the children have been learning all the skills needed to make a bag out of felt. The children practised threading the needle, tying knots, sewing a variety of stitches and attaching a button by making a poppy for Remembrance Day. Evie, Finley. L, Kelsie, Elsie, Nicole, Daniela, Matthew & Finley. E. all employed great patience, determination and accuracy to create their poppy, which incorporated a straight stitch, as well as blanket stitch. They are now applying these skills to their fantastic purse designs.