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Building tomorrow today

Year 4

This week, we have been learning all about the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee.


We have watched documentaries, read articles and have now created a leaflet all about her life. The children have really enjoyed getting to know more about The Queen and are well and truly ready to celebrate!

Over the last half term, 4K used our Daily Mile time to also complete a very important challenge set for us by Earth Runs. You may remember that we were tasked with running 5KM every week, with our running going towards helping trees to be planted across the globe.


We are now pleased to report that we have completed our challenge and have planted a whopping 100 trees!

This week, the children received their seed bomb medals and as a school we received a plaque to display our wonderful achievement!

As a year group, we have been working on our tennis skills during our PE lessons. It is safe to say that this was a struggle at first (with the teachers having to use their dodgeball skills!) but we can safely say that every single child has now improved greatly and we are all enjoying getting to grips with a new skill!

Since returning to school after the Easter break, Year 4 have been hard at work, coding various robots to perform simple tasks. The way the children have taken to this has truly astounded all the adults in the class, often leading us to ask them how we would go about troubleshooting our computers! We could well have the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in our sights!

In music, we have finally been able to get our hands on some musical instruments, perfecting our skills on the Glockenspiel! This certainly was an extremely noisy task, but one all of the children enjoyed. With practice, I am sure we will get better and better with every lesson!

Year 4 have been looking at the process of condensation. The children investigated how water turns from its liquid state and then into a gas. We were then able to see the effect of condensation when Mr. Kitchener put a whiteboard over the boiling kettle. We saw the water droplets reappear on the board, showing us condensation in action!

Next, we wondered if we boiled a different liquid, would that liquid form again on the whiteboard during condensation. We decided to boil cola to see if the droplets on the board would be cola again. This resulted in a rather messy outcome, with the cola boiling out of the kettle, but the droplets that formed were water! This lead to some great scientific discussions in the classroom whilst the clean-up operation was completed!

In music, we have been looking at the music of ‘The Beatles’, in particular the song ‘Blackbird’. Whilst looking at this song, we have found ourselves listening to a lot more of their music in lessons. Here is what some of Year 4 thought!


“I enjoyed listening to Yellow Submarine, because it sounded like a cool place to be!” Danielle

“I liked the song Yesterday because it makes me feel relaxed and helps me remember things in the past.” Oliver

“Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da because it tells us a story of romance and it has a joyful tempo!” Neria

In science, we have been looking at the human body, studying what we need to do to make sure our teeth remain healthy and how our bodies work. Last week, we took a literal deep dive into how the digestive system works, by recreating the process.

It is safe to say that ALL of the children now have a solid understanding of the system and they certainly enjoyed the experiment. They used biscuits and banana to pass through the system to make ‘poo’!

As you can see, the whole experience was one to remember, if not a little stomach churning!


In Science, we have been looking at our teeth, their functions and how we can keep them healthy. We placed a number of eggs into various liquids to see how they would affect the shells. The egg shell closely resembles the enamel on our teeth, giving the children a first-hand experience of what could happen.

In PE, we have been focusing on learning dance steps from other cultures. Here you can see us dancing to an Angolan song, Jerusalema. Within the dance, the children have had to follow a range of complex moves, giving a fantastic end product!