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Year 3

All Year 3 pupils participated in the ROH ballet workshop and the excitement lingered in the large hall all day. To quell pupil’s nerves, Dance associates Diana and Liz did a warm up, provided plenty of demonstrations and reminded pupils that they did not have to perform perfectly. With a live pianist, Debbie playing various classical pieces, pupils quickly settled and soon their confidence was shining through their performances! Well done to all our pupils who demonstrated their creative spirit, resilience and positive attitude.

Year 3 have enjoyed a variety of seasonal festivities that have become traditions at Warren Primary. Decorating the class Christmas tree whilst joyfully singing carols that they needed to sing in the All Saints Church service started the stream of giddiness and fun. Many pupils participated in the PTFA’s Christmas decorating competition exhibiting their creative skills. Santa’s dash raised a huge amount of money and pupils enjoyed the physical event, improving their daily mile lap times. We had tons of fun at the Christmas party and the children celebrated by taking part in a Christmas elf quiz and plenty of dancing with children doing ‘The Worm’ and ‘The Conga!’


Year 3 pupils travelled back in time to the Stone Age and enjoyed a variety of experiences outside all day as Neolithic and Paleolithic hunters and crafters. They drank hot chocolate inside our forest school while exploring and learning about various authentic tools. They foraged for items in the forest to build a Stonehenge replica and created cave paintings using paint brushes by tying pine needles, small fir branches, or dried grasses onto small sticks. As hunters would leave tracking signs for other members of their tribe, so pupils used sticks and stones to create a trail for others to follow. They hunted in groups and caught a mammoth and a bison! They sat around the fire pit and enjoyed flint knapping- creating their own Stone Age tool by carving soap. This proved to be more challenging and took longer than they expected which created a greater respect for cave people who had to carve stone to make weapons in the cold! Well done to our pupils and staff who dressed up as we all had a fantastic day.


Diwali Workshop


Year 3 & 4 pupils welcomed Mrs Mantravadi and Mrs Kaur to our classrooms when they presented an RE workshop on Diwali. Pupils enjoyed the sessions as the learning was interesting, informative and fun. They heard stories, were shown various items of clothing, saw handmade Rangoli’s, artefacts, candles and some delicious sweets and mouth-watering samosas. We are fortunate to have both ladies as part of the Warren Community and appreciate their time and effort in teaching others about their religious beliefs and celebrations.