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Year 3

Year 3 pupils are BLOOMING BOTONISTS and continued their study of plants this week by conducting a Plant Safari to explore the plant life in our school grounds. They used the ‘Seek’ app to identify the species, and the origin of the plant. The most common flowering plants were the Mexican orange blossoms and Common Daisies. They then used this information to identify and describe the functions of the parts of different plants using scientific vocabulary. They made careful observations when investigating the transpiration of plants and now understand how photosynthesis works.

Little Amal

Pupils from Warren Primary School, Tilbury Pioneer Academy and Deneholm Primary School explored the Evening Prayer from the opera Hansel and Gretel, before devising a performance welcoming Little Amal to the UK.

Year 3 have enjoyed becoming Geographer’s once again, exploring South America! They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the country Rio, in particular, and have been busy comparing Rio to the United Kingdom. Year 3 have been looking at the differences between ‘human’ and ‘physical’ geographic features and exploring important landmarks and interesting places to visit, thinking about how they would encourage tourists to visit there.

The children were amazed to learn how old Sugarloaf Mountain dates back to and were excited to learn that Rio has more than thirty beautiful, sandy beaches for residents and tourists to enjoy. Miss Fraser, Mrs Smith and Miss Parkinson were very impressed to see many Year 3 pupils using their prior-knowledge of climate zones to explain that Brazil has a tropical climate due to being close to the equator. Keep up the fantastic work Year 3!

Year 3 explored the four conditions for successful plant growth in a practical Science investigation: The farmer dispersed  ‘some seeds’ on Day 1 and waited patiently to see how many seeds would settle in the soil, absorb water and nutrients, and be visible to the sunlight. Some seeds were not able to germinate because they did not have sufficient sunlight and space, water or air and many were eaten by birds! Pupils were stunned by the outcome as only a handful of seeds managed to survive and ‘gather ‘all 4 requirements.

Year 3 Chance to Dance pupils have benefitted from additional dance lessons this term. These pupils will be attending the Easter dance school in Romford where they will increase their knowledge and skills in theatre presentation and prepare for the performance at Shoreditch Town Hall.

We have continued to investigate various aspect of light in science lessons and pupils can now understand that light is the absence of darkness through mini-investigations. They have discovered how their eyes can adjust to the darkness in an area as well as how light travels in a straight line. 

Year 3 pupils were excited about coming to school on Mad Science Day and their creative costumes were fantastic! We collected 3 different soil samples in our school grounds and discussed the purpose of each; top Soil which is rich in nutrients and suitable for vegetable growth, another near the long jump pit which prevents the growth of grass and roots and another in forest school which is better suited for a wild meadow to grow. We used filter paper to ‘clean ‘the soil and measured the PH and Alkaline levels. Pupils loved the various investigative Science opportunities (egg drop challenge ) and the loud noises, squeals of delight and excitement showed all the hard work was worth it!

The theme for World Book day 2022 was 'You are a reader" and what better way to encourage Year 3 pupils top read than a trip to wonderful Waterstones Bookstore in Lakeside. Pupils spent the morning listening to a multicultural story being read , exploring the shelves on a treasure hunt for historical figures and then had the opportunity to design their own book cover. The colourful and creative costumes created a real buzz in the store and parents who volunteered enjoyed the day as well. Warren Primary are readers !!

In D&T, children have been getting to grips with toys using CAMs systems (hand-powered mechanisms) to create cyclical motions that animate a scene. Children have spent time designing and create their own cam toy with moving objects/characters around a theme. They worked well in groups and have developed their skills in measuring their dowel sticks , cutting it using a hacksaw and bench hook and the most challenging parts of the design was tightening the cams and washers ! 

Safer Internet Day is observed globally on the 8th February with the aim of providing a safer and better internet, where every user gets to use the internet responsibly and safely. By year 3, most of our pupils have had a reasonable exposure to the internet and these safety guidelines have become more vital than ever. Year 3 participated in an online quiz using Kahoot and understand the importance of being safe online.


Fern- Remember to never let anyone know your private information.

Lemuel - I only play Minecraft with my friends.

Charlie – I like playing my PS5 and will mute myself in the game to be safe.

Anna – I don’t speak to any strangers on Roblox

Year 3 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the indoor games in their PE  lessons . They challenged themselves to increase the number of jump beats per minutes  and run faster lap relays. They enjoyed events like standing long jump , javelin throwing and chest passess. The favourite events were the obstacle course and Jacob’s ladder which proved to be a little bit trickier than expected. Howls of laughter and cheering echoed through the hall and pupils were determined to beat the other team with their speed and accuracy.

All Year 3 pupils participated in the ROH ballet workshop and the excitement lingered in the large hall all day. To quell pupil’s nerves, Dance associates Diana and Liz did a warm up, provided plenty of demonstrations and reminded pupils that they did not have to perform perfectly. With a live pianist, Debbie playing various classical pieces, pupils quickly settled and soon their confidence was shining through their performances! Well done to all our pupils who demonstrated their creative spirit, resilience and positive attitude.

Year 3 have enjoyed a variety of seasonal festivities that have become traditions at Warren Primary. Decorating the class Christmas tree whilst joyfully singing carols that they needed to sing in the All Saints Church service started the stream of giddiness and fun. Many pupils participated in the PTFA’s Christmas decorating competition exhibiting their creative skills. Santa’s dash raised a huge amount of money and pupils enjoyed the physical event, improving their daily mile lap times. We had tons of fun at the Christmas party and the children celebrated by taking part in a Christmas elf quiz and plenty of dancing with children doing ‘The Worm’ and ‘The Conga!’


Year 3 pupils travelled back in time to the Stone Age and enjoyed a variety of experiences outside all day as Neolithic and Paleolithic hunters and crafters. They drank hot chocolate inside our forest school while exploring and learning about various authentic tools. They foraged for items in the forest to build a Stonehenge replica and created cave paintings using paint brushes by tying pine needles, small fir branches, or dried grasses onto small sticks. As hunters would leave tracking signs for other members of their tribe, so pupils used sticks and stones to create a trail for others to follow. They hunted in groups and caught a mammoth and a bison! They sat around the fire pit and enjoyed flint knapping- creating their own Stone Age tool by carving soap. This proved to be more challenging and took longer than they expected which created a greater respect for cave people who had to carve stone to make weapons in the cold! Well done to our pupils and staff who dressed up as we all had a fantastic day.


Diwali Workshop


Year 3 & 4 pupils welcomed Mrs Mantravadi and Mrs Kaur to our classrooms when they presented an RE workshop on Diwali. Pupils enjoyed the sessions as the learning was interesting, informative and fun. They heard stories, were shown various items of clothing, saw handmade Rangoli’s, artefacts, candles and some delicious sweets and mouth-watering samosas. We are fortunate to have both ladies as part of the Warren Community and appreciate their time and effort in teaching others about their religious beliefs and celebrations.