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Year 3 2018

Welcome to Year 3!

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Hyde Hall Visit


On Friday 17th May 2019, Year 3 visited Hyde Hall in Chelmsford. The day started by the children learning about the different types of plants we eat at breakfast, such as corn and wheat. After, the children planted a pea seed in some soil, which they have taken home and if they continue to water it, will hopefully turn into a pea plant. Then children used magnifying glasses to look at dead seeds, bugs and small animals, which they found fascinating! They thoroughly enjoyed the scavenger hunt around the gardens, looking for different types of leaves and petals and collected some that had fallen to the ground to create beautiful natural bookmarks- some children even found pine cones and whole flowers that had fallen off the stem. During the scavenger hunt they walked across a beautiful bridge across the pond to admire the goose sitting on her eggs and the children had the chance to feed the ducks afterwards. After some lunch and a much-needed break from walking, children had a go at playing the Germination game, where they had to remember the five things plants need to grow- sunlight, water, soil, air and warmth. It was tricky, but the children were determined to succeed.  Year 3 behaved exceptionally well and were a real credit to the school.

Chance to Dance – Royal Opera House


Year 3 pupils have had 3 wonderful days with the Royal Opera House Chance to Dance team as part of the Thurrock Trailblazer Programme. They have explored movements, stretches and sequences, actions, directions and paired work through the creative dance sessions. Chance to Dance is the longest –standing flagship creative ballet programme run by the Royal Opera House. Year 3 parents and staff also enjoyed a 2-hour inset and were able to develop movement patterns, motifs and sequences, which culminated in a dance performance! Well done to all the Year 3 pupils who showed a natural flair for creative dance this week.

Rock Experiment

Our Trip to Tesco