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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Smith and Miss Fraser

Daily Mile 

Pupils in 3S are increasing their laps around the school field as they are eagerly participating in the daily mile 3 times per week. The impact of the continuous running of laps for 15 minutes has been noticeable as more pupils run more laps instead of walking ! Well done to all pupils for improving their personal best times.

Demon Dentist science experiment 

 Year 3 pupils had a visit form Miss Root the Demon Dentist and used the Ceplac disclosing tablets in an experiment to see if they were looking after their teeth. The disclosing tablets  ( which dye the plaque on your teeth, helping you to see where build up is the worst)  caused quite a stir as pink stained mouths filled the classroom!  It was perfect for the children to see the importance of brushing their teeth regularly.

PE fitness test 

Year 3 pupils participated in the monthly fitness challenge with their partner and had one minute to see how many Star jumps , burpees , sit- ups etc they could do. Pupils were extremely competitive and wanted to improve their own personal best scores.

Maths base 10 lesson 

3S pupils were learning all about the Place Value Table and how to increase or decrease a number using the Base 10 resources.