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Warren Primary School

Building tomorrow today

Year 1

In PHSE this half term, children in Year 1 are thinking about their dreams and goals.  They decorated a treasure chest, and thought of a success they have already had.  The children thought of some lovely ideas of things they were proud of, and tried hard to sound out their own words. They also did a great job of colouring in carefully.

During Forest school,  Year 1 have enjoyed making models using natural materials.  We made hedgehogs using clay, and reindeer with wooden discs.  The children even used a hand drill to create holes for the antlers!

Mondrian Inspired Artwork


In art, the children in Year 1 have been working on colour. They chose their favourite colour and drew objects that are usually that colour, and we thought about the importance of colours in our lives, for example red traffic lights and different football team kits. They then learnt about primary colours, and we looked at the work of the artist Piet Mondrian, who used these in his paintings. The children then created their own work inspired by Mondrian, using red, yellow and blue squares and rectangles, and black strips of paper. We were very impressed by their careful work, and by how different all of the finished pieces were.