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This week in the Resource Base for Deaf children, we’ve been working on recognising capacity. We’ve measured different sizes and shapes of containers and put them in order from smallest to greatest. We’ve also looked at a variety of scales on measuring jugs and practised measuring how many ml fit inside.

On Friday, 6th May children in the Green Room enjoyed a whole morning of activities run by Panathlon.

There were seven events in total that challenged the children’s hand and eye coordination. Kurling, bean bag throw, SEN table cricket, basketball and golf target were some of the events on the day. Not only did the children come away with a medal but also huge smiles on their faces!

We have been reading the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp. The children enjoyed retelling the story and had the opportunity to create their own lamp using clay. It was a very messy activity, but we were all very proud of our clay lamps. The next day, we spray painted our lamps gold and added sequins to make them look authentic.

The year 2 pupils, Sarah and Pippin have been busy learning lots of new skills in class. Sarah completed some fantastic work in maths telling time to the quarter hour and Pippin has been extremely expressive in art! Well done year 2, keep up the great work.

As a stimulus for our writing assessment, the children working in the d/Deaf Resource Base for English participated in a gaming session at the Game Belong Arena inside Sports Direct. Our children were very excited and had a fantastic morning playing a variety of cooperative and competitive games.

The pupils taught within the d/Deaf resource base have been busy in maths learning lots of new skills. We have been practising multiplying 3 numbers, equivalent fractions and finding the perimeters of 2d shapes. Mrs Burton and Mrs Webb are impressed with our fantastic work!

We have also enjoyed sign language week practising the alphabet in BSL, watching stories retold in BSL and learning some pop music through sign. 

In the resource base we’ve been reading books by Dr. Seuss. We really enjoyed the Lorax and wrote letters to the Once-ler asking him to stop chopping down our trees. We have been working on recognising rhyming words with Green Eggs and Ham and are now reading Horton hears a Who. In BSL, we have been practising our finger spelling and are working on our receptive skills.

In the Green Room (d/Deaf Resource Base), we’ve been learning about fractions of shapes. We learnt how to write both unit and non-unit fractions. We have also added fractions and worked out that if the numerator and denominator are the same number, the fraction equals a whole.

Please find a You Tube link to watch the Signed Carol Service held annually at Chelmsford Cathedral. This is great opportunity for you to learn some signs to the Carols. 


RAD Carol Service

Mrs Burton has been busy finding different links for deaf role models and life experiences retold by deaf people. Follow the links below or scan the QR code to watch and listen to their stories:


KS1 Christmas Song 2021

KS1 Christmas Song 2021

Year 3 Christmas Song

Year 3 Christmas Song

Year 4 Christmas Song 2021

Year 4 Christmas Song 2021

Year 5 for youtube

Year 5 Christmas Carol

Year 6 Christmas song 2021

Year 6 Christmas song 2021