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Statement on Black lives Matter

Warren Primary School Statement on Black lives Matter

At this crucial time, we know that it is important to address and reflect the ongoing events across the world in response to George Floyd’s tragic death. Warren Primary strives to promote equality, practice inclusion and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

We endeavour to extend our understanding of the diversity of our pupils and staff, their home lives, culture and beliefs and acknowledge the wealth and strength that each brings to our school.

We understand that prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination can divide a society and we will not tolerate that in our school and community. The staff and governing body have all examined our hearts and mindsets, acknowledged the racism that so easily can settle there, and are committed to stand for what is kind, loving, just and right.

Many Warren families have engaged in meaningful discussions around the current issues and have supported their children in understanding the events that led to the tragic death and crimes against humanity. Discussions have centred on the systematic racism that plagues our society and as we navigate through these times, we are mindful of human rights for all.

Our values underpin our teaching and provide a holistic environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens who are Willing, Ambitious, Resilient, Respectful, Enthusiastic and Never give up. We will continue to strive to ensure that Warren and our community are a safe space for all to be open minded, socially conscious and anti-racist.

In the past few years we have made some significant strides as a school by signing up for a Diversity Mark and gaining Silver accreditation due to the hard work of children, parents, staff and governors, whilst continuing to strive for the Gold standard. We also have a dedicated diversity governor on the governing board who is already proactively looking for new ways to increase the whole school community’s work in this area and a governor who also monitors equality and inclusion for all students at Warren.

Whilst we are committed to eradicate racism and injustice in all its forms, we acknowledge that there are things that we could all do better. We are a listening school and welcome the views of all our stakeholders on these issues; should you wish to respond or share your views please contact us.

We embrace our differences in our broader community as our diversity is our strength.


Winni Smith

Diversity Lead


Ian Broyd



Oliver Bridge

Chair of Governors