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Late/Absence Procedures

Notifying the school of absence

Where a child is absent and this is known in advance parents/carers should provide written notice of the absence prior to the start of the absence. This prior notice will be entered onto the electronic register.


Where an absence is not known in advance, the parents/carers have a responsibility to communicate the absence to the school on the first day of absence. There is a dedicated option on the school answerphone to leave messages explaining the absence. Office staff will enter the appropriate code for the absence on the child’s record. If the illness/reason for absence is such that a longer period of time is needed parents should keep the school informed either by letter or phone calls. Parents/carers may wish to send in a letter to the class teacher explaining an absence, on the child’s return. Where notice of absence is not received by 9.30am the school will contact the parents by phone to enquire about the reason for absence. If no contact is made by the parent/carer in response, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.



Punctuality is important in providing an effective start to the day and developing children’s responsibility for their learning. It is a key responsibility of parents/carers to ensure their child is ready for school at the start of the day.


Children can enter the school building via the outside doors from 8.45am until 8.50am.

Any child arriving after this time must enter the school via the office and sign in using the electronic screen in the reception area.