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Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior Road Safety Officers – 2019/2020

We are the Junior Road Safety officers, here at Warren and our job is to help Mrs Girt with the school’s Travel Plan. We have regular meetings with Mrs Girt and sometimes we get a visit from Lisa Clissold from Thurrock Borough Council who gives us tasks to do.


Our role entails:

Setting up and maintaining the Road Safety notice boards.

Holding assemblies to raise road safety awareness.

Working with Thurrock Borough Council people with activities such as the 'Twilight Trail' and 'Be Bright to be Seen'.

Organising competitions so other pupils raise awareness about road safety.


Our Top Four Tips:

Leave the car at home and try and walk, cycle or scooter to school.

Be active at lunch and break time.

Watch out for competitions that we run.

Share your ideas with us; you never know we might be able to make it a reality!

Recently, we did a hands up survey regarding the non-wearing of car seat belts. We were astonished by how many children had admitted to not wearing a seat belt. The most common factor we found was that short distances had prevented children from wearing one.

We spoke to our local council who informed us that most car accidents actually happen on short distances.  They were also very kind to share some facts about accidents in Thurrock.

As you can see that in the past five years there has been 30% reported accidents with children under the age of 18 years old. Some of which had been down to the non-wearing of seat belts.


Who is responsible?


Do you want three points on your license?

Do you want a hefty fine?

Please take heed on the things we state,

As if you don’t,

It could be too late!

Don’t be lazy or distracted,

Wear your seat belt and travel well,

As if you don’t, you could end up unwell!


Wanah Chanda and Fred Parker Junior Road Safety Officers

We are officially the LA School of the Year for Thurrock!