We are now conducting tours of the school for reception parents on the 28th and 30th of Sep, 5th and 14th of October 9:15-10:15am please call the school office to book your place
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Warren Primary School

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Attendance figures


Whole school year to date: 95.9%


Week ending 06/03/2020: 97.4%


We expect pupils of Warren Primary School to maintain a high standard of attendance.


By law, all children of compulsory school age (5 to 16) must receive suitable full-time education.

Parents/carers have a legal responsibility for making sure their child attends school on a regular basis. If they do not attend, the school will make a referral to the Local Authority for consideration in relation to issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice where a child has missed 20 or more sessions within the previous 10 weeks without permission from school, or consider prosecuting you for an offence under the Education Act 1996. This may result in the Local Authority taking legal action against you in the Magistrates Court. Prosecution for failing to ensure regular attendance at school can be taken where a child is a registered pupil at a school.

Prosecutions are in accordance with Section 444 Education Act 1996.


The Department for Education (DFE) has changed the law about holidays in school time. The new law states that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time other than in exceptional circumstances. Low cost travel or arrangements made by a family member are not deemed to be exceptional circumstances.