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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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Chance to Dance – Royal Opera House


Year 3 pupils have had 3 wonderful days with the Royal Opera House Chance to Dance team as part of the Thurrock Trailblazer Programme. They have explored movements, stretches and sequences, actions, directions and paired work through the creative dance sessions. Chance to Dance is the longest –standing flagship creative ballet programme run by the Royal Opera House. Year 3 parents and staff also enjoyed a 2-hour inset and were able to develop movement patterns, motifs and sequences, which culminated in a dance performance! Well done to all the Year 3 pupils who showed a natural flair for creative dance this week.

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Rock Experiment

Rock Experiment 1
Rock Experiment 2
Rock Experiment 3
Rock Experiment 4
Rock Experiment 5
Rock Experiment 6
Rock Experiment 7

Our Trip to Tesco

Our Trip to Tesco 1
Our Trip to Tesco 2
Our Trip to Tesco 3
Our Trip to Tesco 4
Our Trip to Tesco 5
Our Trip to Tesco 6
Our Trip to Tesco 7