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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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Autumn 1 2018 Homework project due in Monday 15th October 2018 = 1 Merit mark

Create a Healthy Living program for an 8 year old for a week


You will need to include activities and food menus that help the mind and the body.

Don’t forget the things that make you happy!


Body - Food menu and exercise programme including sports clubs.

Mind – Hobbies, socialising, relaxing.


Things you could include:

  • Weekly menu

  • Weekly exercise/activity timetable

  • Photos/videos

  • Research (effects exercise or food have on your body/what is in our food?)

  • Scientific investigation (Does my heart rate increase when I exercise? What happens to my body when I exercise?)


Be as inventive as you can with the presentation of your homework.

(booklet, poster,powerpoint, video)

Times Tables!

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